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The beginning

History of the current engineering-works Akerboom begins actually as the shipyard Akerboom. As granddad Jan Akerboom left the shipyard at Kaag Island and  begins for himself at Hillegom around 1920. Here he bought an existing yard, which is situated on the Leidsevaart. This yard consisted of a slipway with barn and a house. Later he modernized it by breaking up the slipway and build a new rail cart ramp. On this yard small barges were made, for the bulb transport through the canals.

With these barges, bulbs transported to and from the fields and bulb sheds, loads carried manure (cow) and flower heads to the waste pit. Working with these barges for decades belonged to the familiar images in the bulb business. The barges of Akerboom were well known but the demand took off when the truck and tractor took its place. Forced to these changes Akerboom has to find a new way to make a living and went enthusiast pioneering with ' other industrial products for growers and gardeners '. In the 1930s, the crisis period, resulted in a 'revolutionary' warm water steriliser, for the treatment of flower bulbs, with for that time a powerful energy source: wood bundles or waste straw.

Second World War
Right after the second world war, Akerboom set the warm water sterilisers with oil burners on the market. After the death of Jan Akerboom in 1942, the company was continued by his son Jan Akerboom as shipyard and construction company and there was besides the barges more development done on mechanization area in the flower bulb business  and mainly where water was involved. First water outside the machine (barges) later in the machines (warm water sterilisers).

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New Innovations
Drive-inn steriliser were developed for cold and hot water and implemented with turn doors and sliding doors to the middle and hydraulic lift up doors, heating at the bottom of the steriliser to a heating unit in the middle. Chemical dipping tanks for baskets, cold disinfecting tanks with tilt mechanism. In the jaren1970 to 1980,  3 sons came into the business : Johan, Peter and Ron, in case of developing: a sorting machine "cascade", export clean washing machine and an inline disinfecting machines were developed. This export washer and disinfect machines were later developed into fully automatic washing, dipping and packing lines, which can recycle washing water. And de- stack and stacking machines complete these lines.

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Insert Logo HereThe start of Machinefabriek Akerboom
The original ship yard, built by the first Akerboom. Jan Akerboom.
This wharf primarely build barges for bulb transport.
Insert Logo HereThe first great expansion
Through the ongoing innovation in the agricultural industry, a new, larger, workshop was required.
That's why we decided to convert the ship yard into a machine-factory, at the Beeklaan/Leidsevaar
Insert Logo Here Our current location
In 2002, a larger premises in Noordwijkerhout, at the Gieterij, Number 54, was aqquired by Akerboom.
This building has a much wider floor-plan, increasing the usefull space of our workshop and ensuring that certain building fases don't interrupt other fases.
Last of all, this building is also more suited to be able to satisfy the ever increasing demand more larger and more complex machines.

We have been here for 15 years already.

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Insert Logo Here Third Generation:
Petrus Johannes Nicolaas (Peter) Akerboom
married Alida C.J. Ruigrok

Johannes Petrus Antonius (Johan) Akerboom
married Elisabeth L.M. v.d. Berg.

Ronaldus Johanna Maria (Ron) Akerboom
married Johanna A.M. v. Aanholt.